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 Production lines

  • automatic production planning and scheduling based on actual speed of operations, the operating time of the equipment, the exact amount of raw materials, the employees who performed the operations and other parameters in a real-time
  • link the MSA platform directly to equipment and machines via API, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or sensors into a single network to monitor equipment utilisation or downtime and to allocate tasks to employees in a rational way
  • timely delivery of raw materials from stock to production based on automatically acquired data
  • allocation of employees between tasks based on their level of education, qualifications and current workload
  • recording of actual working time in the MSA mobile application for employees in a factory floor or warehouse



  • real-time monitoring of the entire company
  • establishing production streams for full-fledged automation of production-related operations according to a unified standard
  • collecting various statistical data for production planning and the work of the entire company
  • improving order processing and preparation of necessary documents
  • minimising rejects in semi-finished and finished products, reducing complaints and overproduction
  • optimising company costs through the rational allocation of working hours, use of raw materials, electricity and various resources



  • automatic generation of documents in real time based on automatically collected data from various company departments
  • automatic sending of confirmed documents and payroll data to the accounting department or external accounting software
  • meaningful simplification of the work of the accounting department



  • digitised fast reception of orders from various sources (CRM, email, e-commerce tools or marketplaces) and direct transfer to the MSA platform
  • fast order processing based on stock balance data
  • clear lead times for orders based on the current production workload
  • management of inventory and raw materials in a warehouse
  • integration with external software (accounting, warehouse, logistics, etc.)



  • planning in-house production based on automatically received data from clients
  • timely delivery of materials, raw components and goods to clients
  • reduction of overproduction
  • automatic preparation of the necessary documents for clients and the accounting department


Internal logistics

  • tracking of orders and items in production using QR codes and other labels to read data from packaging
  • connection to external logistics software
  • tracking finished orders and deliveries
  • automatic preparation of accounting and other necessary documents
  • optimised fleet and delivery management
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Do you know what is happening across your production hall?

Learn how MSA can help you track order stage, operation time, machine and employee yield in for entire production stream.

  • More predictable delivery times
  • Real-time cost tracking in one click
  • Increased output for up to 40%
  • Change easily your operations at any market fluctuation
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