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MSA for metalworking

The platform that unites all departments into a single organism that meets modern challenges.

Effective stock planning

Based on your production plan MSA platform defines a certain quantity of raw materials for it, and automatically orders a necessary quantity.

Accountability of skills and qualifications of employees

Skills and qualifications of employees are united into the MSA Qualification Matrix. Based on it, orders are automatically distributed among employees. That is a perfect tool to manage required qualifications, and, eventually it’s possible to build your own bonus system for employees.

Increase OEE

MSA platform makes your machines running with less stoppages, increased yield and with an optimal performance. All production parameters are under control.

Why metalworking companies choose MSA

  • Supply chains become transparent and flexible; you always have on your stock a necessary quantity for the production.
  • Based on the skills and available machines orders are automatically distributed among the employees.
  • All employees are united by a qualification matrix, where you can clearly see the skills of employees and learn them if it’s needed.
  • No more unknown reasons for downtimes, now you always have a whole statistic of every produced product.
Implementation in quick steps, without production halt
Ease of use and quick employee training
Tracking every step in production in real time
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Explore more ways to use MSA

Production lines

  • automated production planning
  • link directly to machines, equipment and e-commerce tools
  • timely delivery of raw materials from stock to production
  • allocation of staff between tasks
  • recording of actual working time


  • real-time monitoring
  • establishing production streams
  • collecting various statistical data
  • improving order processing
  • minimising rejects
  • optimising company costs


  • fast document processing
  • automatic generation of documents
  • automatic sending of confirmed documents
  • payroll data to the accounting department or external software


  • digitised fast reception of orders from various sources
  • fast order processing based on stock balance data
  • clear lead times for orders based on the current production workload
  • management of inventory and raw materials in the warehouse
  • integration with external software


  • planning in-house production based on automatically received data from clients
  • timely delivery of materials, raw components and goods to clients
  • reduction of overproduction
  • automatic preparation of the necessary documents for clients and the accounting department

Internal logistics

  • tracking of orders and items in production using QR codes and other labels
  • connection to external logistics software
  • automatic preparation of necessary documents
  • optimised fleet and delivery management
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Do you know what is happening across your production hall?

Learn how MSA can help you track order stage, operation time, machine and employee yield in for entire production stream.

  • More predictable delivery times
  • Real-time cost tracking in one click
  • Increased output for up to 40%
  • Change easily your operations at any market fluctuation
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