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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a developer to use the MSA platform?
  • No. These tools are designed for business users with drag and drop methods for creating forms and processes. Developers can use additional tools to extend the system if desired.
Is MSA suitable for any industry?
  • MSA platform has been designed for production companies (both mass production and custom made). But it is highly customisable to other areas - logistics, medical and etc.
How difficult is it to implement MSA?
  • MSA platform can be implemented in 4 easy steps. We divide the production process into steps, allocate resources, then connect each step to resources and to the stream. Then we run the platform, collect data and rearrange the flow if we see any difficulties.
I don't have any production streams at the moment. Can I still benefit from the MSA platform?
  • Every production operation on the stream if it knows about it, or if not. Our clients have different levels of company readiness. That is why we have implemented MSA technical support in the early stages to help you out. Please read about the MSA support here.
Is MSA platform a workflow automation system?
  • The term workflow automation refers to the design, execution, and automation of processes based on workflow rules where human tasks, data or files are routed between people or systems based on pre-defined business rules. But usually all of the action is around documentation streams. Yes, MSA have these capabilities. But the MSA platform is much more. It gets into account not only workforce tasks but also machine performance, material tracking, costs calculation and etc. These are different from regular workflow automation platforms.
Is MSA different from ERP systems?
  • ERP systems are enterprise resource planning systems. It provides a single database for inputs from departments including accounting, manufacturing, supply, sales, marketing and human resources.
    MSA is designed to manage your production process and is more centered on the technological processes. It is very difficult to see production related problems from a regular ERP system - time lost between operations, bottlenecks in production flows, etc. The MSA platform has these capabilities.
I already have an ERP or MES system. Do I need to get rid of it?
  • MSA can be connected to any ERP system, accounting, sales and any other software that your company is already using. Data exchange is easy, so your company can continue using any regular software along MSA.
What if I need to change something in my stream later on?
  • The MSA platform operates on a drag and drop method to create the stream. If you need to change the stream just change any operation or create new ones. When tested the stream can go online in a few seconds.
What is the MSA Mobile App?
  • This is the indispensable tool for every production worker. It speeds up work processes and communication, assigns tasks, keeps track of the working time and monitors equipment downtime. We can include any employee into the production stream through the MSA Mobile App. It controls operation time, gives access to technical maps or instruction manuals, add comments to the orders. In this way we digitalise employees. 
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