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The RADIAN LLC company is an integrator of the MSA Digital platform for manufacturing enterprises from different industries.

The founders of MSA have worked with representatives of manufacturing companies for a long time, as well as studied and analysed problems encountered by modern industrial enterprises. As part of the process of this collaboration, developers were looking for digital solutions which could boost the efficiency of the production processes, increase staff productivity, and optimise human and material resource costs. And so, in this way began to develop the architecture and main features of the MSA platform.

This software is based on the principles and methods of lean manufacturing and usage. That is, its main objective is to achieve the following positive effects:  

  • arrangement of employee workplaces in shops and warehouses;
  • rational use of human and material resources;
  • improvement of production processes;
  • reducing downtime;
  • implementation of advanced production planning;
  • decreasing the number of defects;
  • reducing the amount of goods-in-process;
  • prompt manufacturing and delivery of the finished products.


MSA is an abbreviation of Manufacturing Stream Automation. The term “production stream” was taken as a basis for the MSA platform core and is its main tool for production management and operational planning.  

The MSA platform is used by pharmaceutical, mining, machinery, metal working, and other enterprises. Our specialists and partners will be glad to demonstrate for you the operation of the platform so that you can evaluate its benefits for your company.

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