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Production-centred management platform

Helps manufacturing companies to improve output, to track materials and semi-finished goods, to solve quality issues by creating easily managed digital production streams.

How it works
Creation and full control of production streams
Employees will always strive to the set standard, with minimum defects, errors and delays.
Automated production planning
Based on the current stock levels and incoming orders, automatic data processing from various company departments as well as from suppliers.
Distribution of orders and tasks between employees
Determination an employee's suitability for the task, depending on their knowledge, experience and current workload.
Inventory and raw material management
Rational allocation of materials based on regular data exchange with the warehouse and other departments of the company.
Tracking of semi-finished products and finished goods
Since all of the resources, machines and employees are now tied up in one production stream it is easy to track any product and to know exactly how it was made.
Quick integration with machines and different tools
Link the MSA platform directly to machines, different equipment and e-commerce tools to monitor downtime and to allocate tasks to employees.

How it works

Implementation in quick steps, without production halt
Ease of use and quick employee training
Tracking every step in production in real time
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Do you know what is happening across your production hall?

Learn how MSA can help you track order stage, operation time, machine and employee yield in for entire production stream.

  • More predictable delivery times
  • Real-time cost tracking in one click
  • Increased output for up to 40%
  • Change easily your operations at any market fluctuation
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